Group classes

Awareness Though Movement – weekly classes with Alison McGillivray

I am currently on maternity leave. I’ll be back late spring 2018 with news of classes and workshops. 

Meanwhile, you can download really good short *free* audio lessons from The Feldenkrais Guild UK  Also, check out Vanessa Smith (Glasgow), Jane Meek (Glasgow), Gillian Allan (Edinburgh) and Merav Israel (Edinburgh) for ongoing Feldenkrais classes, one-to-ones and workshops.

Awareness Though Movement classes are a great way to keep yourself feeling well oiled. They calm down stressed nervous systems, help recovery from niggling pains, and generally allow you to feel more grounded.

People come along for all sorts of reasons: to improve their mobility, to find day to day ease in moving or to simply to breathe more easily. Many in the class report improvements in their back pain, shoulder and neck pain, and hip pain.

The classes last for one hour, and use slow movements with focused attention to bring about about changes to the way you habitually move. You can tailor your participation in the class to your own needs and comfort.

For an idea of how it works, try out this free 15 minute taster lesson – Easier Turning (audio recording):

Awareness Through Movement yoga show 2016
Open class at the OM Yoga Show, Glasgow 2016


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